Better. Faster. Stronger. Lyrics

Better. Faster. Stronger. Album Artwork

White Boy Reggae

Addictive Personality

Morning After


Live Your Life

What if the sun
Refused to shine
Until the moon
Fell into line
Sun says moon
Join my side
Embrace the day
Forget the tides
Moon says sun
Must i decide?
Please recall I reflect your light
Play your part I'll play mine
Otherwise we'll freeze
In endless night

What if the tune the robin brings
Made the blue jay refuse to sing
Blue said bird
Your song is wrong
Here's my pitch
Follow along
Robin replied Why all the ire?
You're my brother In the same choir
Sing your part
And I'll sing mine
Together we will harmonize

What if this life
Had assigned roles
And all of us
Were pigeonholed
Right is right
Wrong is void
Choice a myth
Dreams destroyed
On the other hand
Freedom is rough
But aint nothing wrong
Long as its done with love
Live your life
And I'll live mine
With any luck
We'll both be satisfied

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